💥 The last few spots remain on our BODYWEIGHT GURUS Mobility Workshop 💥 Saturday 16th February 13:30 - 17:30 £89 (includes gift bag of useful mobility tools) @bodyweightgurus Joint mobility, performance and rehab workshop with @rix.official - Suitable for all levels - "Nowadays it’s not just athletes who take part in extreme sports and performing arts. As a society we have advanced physically and mentally to the point where we all want to take up new skills and express ourselves through some sort of movement. Regardless of the movement style, we must recognise that anatomically and biomechanically, it is our joints which provide the levers through which we produce force and structure. Looking after your joints gives efficiency to your movement, keeps then safe from injury and ensures far longer durability so you can continue practising for longer and not get injured so often. It also keeps your body in a state of relaxation and helps you achieve better form and control during your sport or function (even if you have a job which is physical). For those who don’t practice any sports, joint mobility work also helps reverse the effects of overactive postures and tightness, contributes heavily to the rehabilitation process and keeps your body feeling much more relaxed and comfortable. Join Ricky Warren for a 4 hour workshop - where he will discuss and walk through self myo-fascial release, deep tissue adaptation, joint health/rehab, joint conditioning and strength building. He will cover all joints including knees, elbows and spine but mainly we will cover the shoulders and hips as the main areas of the body." This is not to be missed and will benefit you immensely no matter your discipline! Register online now at www.bodyweightgurus.com to save your space. #BreatheFarnham