PROJECT 42. 42 days dedicated to you. Start with a 24 hour juice cleanse, then work closely with your Personal Trainer to make profound and permanent changes to your wellbeing and fitness. 6 PT sessions + Unlimited access to our full class schedule. Integrate your eating, sleeping and lifestyle with advice and guidance to go forward armed with the knowledge and tools to maintain a positive lifestyle. “Project 42 has been a truly life changing experience. If you are looking to get the absolute best from your body whilst being supported by increadibly talented coaches, then sign up now! Project 42 was exactly what I had been looking for to reignite my focus and motivation after having a baby.  This is a completley unique experience comprising of goal setting, classes, weekly PT, nutritional advice & the option of checking in for support whenever you need it. Having someone who is routing for you to succeed really helps on those days when you are finding it difficult. In just 42 days I have dramatically improved my strength, mobility and ability to perform the fundamental movements. I have lost 8% body fat and can visibly see that my body has become more lean and toned. I have an 8 month old baby and a six pack! I am now completely hooked and excited to continue my fitness journey with the Breathe team. THANK YOU!” -G.H Reset habits, motivation and train very hard with 1:1 coaching sessions and unlimited access to our group sessions. Strong in body and mind. PROJECT 42. We are starting just 3 new projects soon... Email to apply. £540 (£420 for unlimited members) #Project42 #BreatheFarnham